The Lahore City features a five-season, semi-arid climate with five seasons: Foggy Winter, Pleasant Spring, summer, Rainy Monsoon, and winter. People are well informed about the Lahore weather by the detailed information of climate and weather updated on Lahore News live weather updates.

The summers are mostly sweltering and humid, whereas winters are cool and dry. There is little rainfall throughout the year which is around 636mm. Precipitation is lowest in November, with an average of 7mm. Most Precipitation occurs in July, averaging between 166mm.

The summer season lasts for about 2.9 months extending from April 23 to July 21, with an average high temperature being 36°C. The hottest month of the year in Lahore is June, which has a daily temperature as high as 39°C and as low as 28°C.

Spring is the most pleasant season. February 16 is the date of onset of spring and it extends till April 15.

Monsoon winds and rain begin on July 1 and lasts till September 16.

Likewise, autumn starts on September 16 till November 14.

Whereas, winter season is stretched over 2.5 months, from December 6 to February 21, with an average high temperature of 21°C. The coldest month of the year is January, having 19°C as highest prevailing temperature and 7°C as the lowest.

Further details of climatic variations and weather conditions of all months are as follows:


January, being the first month of the year, is a joyed month because of New Year’s celebrations in Lahore. This foggy cold month has an average temperature ranging from a low value of 7°C to a peak value of 19°C. Rainfall occurs hardly 1 or 2 days. The average rainfall is 28mm. Humidity level is high, particularly 70%. The sunshine occurs for about 7-8 hours daily. On a whole, it’s a cool and humid month in Lahore city.


February is also a cool month whose daily temperature lies between a minimum of 10°C and a maximum of 23°C. Humidity level falls but still remains dominant (66%). This month undergoes 3-4 days of rainfall and precipitation. The magnitude of prevalence of rainfall is 46mm. Average daily sunny hours are about 9. Furthermore, spring season starts to show its presence in this month.


March is relatively more comfortable month than January and February due to its slightly increased temperature. Lower-bound temperature increases to 15°C and upper-bound temperature to 25°C. Humidity level drops to 55%. Every living being is delighted as spring season steps in. Rainfall is predicted to happen for 3-4 days with a mean magnitude of 36mm. The sun shows up for about 10 hrs. The intensity of coldness breaks in this month and so, people like to wear slightly lighter clothes.


This month is neither quite cold nor very hot. And because of spring, people love outings, gatherings and national tours. In this month, the peak value of temperature goes up to 34°C and minimum value upto 20°C. Humidity level dips by a greater value, to 36%. Precipitation is experienced for 4 days. Its amount is 29mm. Also, mean sunny hours per day are 12.


May is the month when the summer season starts to evolve with temperature having a high-slung value of 39°C and low-slung value of 25°C. Humidity level drops to 30%. People now use light clothing and fans are usually turned on in every house. Rainfall is expected to occur for 4-5 days with a magnitude of 20mm. Sunny hours per day remain to be 12.


The hottest month of the year begins. Excessive sweat sheds of everyone’s face due to its optimistic temperature of 28°C-39°C being lower and upper values of temperature respectively. Humidity level now rises to 43%. People use cold drinks to beat the heat and prefer staying in air conditioned rooms. However, the Precipitation is relatively high in this month due to the onset of rainy monsoon. Rainfall occurs for 7 days and amount of rainfall is 68mm. Lastly. The sun shines for nealy 12 hrs each day.


The temperature of Lahore in July ranges from a dropped lower  value of 27°C to dropped new upper value of 36°C. Humidity level further increases to 70% and precipitation occurs for 14 days with a magnitude of 166mm. The sun shines for upto 11 hrs.


Lower bound of temperature  in August remains to be 27°C but upper bound drops by 1°C, to 35°C. The city experiences 14 days of precipitation. Humidity rises to 76%. 145mm precipitation is likely to occur and there are 10 daily sunny hours throughout the month.


This is the month of rainy monsoon season. The mean temperature ranges from a high-slung value of 35°C and a low-slung value of 25°C. It is the last of months where summer season spends its last days. Humidity level once more drops to 69%. Precipitation is 64mm and lasts for 7-8 days. Mean daily sunshine hours are 10.


The strength of heat breaks in this month. Both high-slung and low-slung temperatures decreases to 32°C and 19°C respectively.  Monsoon season also ends and dry autumn season begins to emerge slowly. Humidity level falls further to 55%. There are hardly 2 days of precipitation with a mean value of 14mm. Sunshine occurs for about 10 hrs. This month is also similar to April with respect to  temperature and weather. People like excursions in this month.


Weather in Lahore city in November heads towards coolness, with its temperature decreasing further to a mean upper value 27°C to a lower value of 13°C. There is very little precipitation, i.e. 7mm and barely occur for 1 or 2 days. Humidity level now increases to 58%. Also, sunny hours per day decrease to 9.


Onset of winter season occurs in December.  People bring out wool clothing and leather jackets. Dry fruits like nuts, pistachio and peanuts are consumed and coffees are liked. The temperature falls in the range of a minimum value of 8°C to a maximum value of 22°C. People like to remain covered in blankets and quilts with their room heaters turned on. Humidity level rises a little to 64%. Precipitation amount increases to 13mm and occur for about 2 days only. There are 8 hrs of sunshine experienced each day throughout the month.

To be summarized, the difference in temperature throughout the year is 21.2°C. Precipitation difference between the wettest and the driest months is 159mm. The month with highest relative humidity is August , holding 76.01% and May is the month of lowest humidity which is 30.05%. The month with most rainy days is July and the month of November has the least number of rainy days.

Lahore is in Northern hemisphere. The best time to plan excursions and tours is the month of April and October.