Do you live in a small house where building a garage is not possible due to the shortage of space? You may be worried about where to park your car. If you are parking it outside your gate or in the street, there may be chances of getting your car damaged and a constant threat of vandalism and theft. In order to keep your car safe from these threats, you need to install a carport is it can reduce these risks to the minimum. There are many companies that are offering carports in Sydney and most of them also offer the services of installation. You can hire them to provide you with these services and products.

Parking your vehicle on curb may be convenient for you but it has a lot of threats as it seen by an outsider as public property and they can abuse it. Not only that, but there is also a chance of theft and no one wants to get their precious car stolen. Moreover, when parked on curb immense heat from sunlight will also damage your car’s batteries, tyres, and paint as well. Whereas, when parked under a carport, it will save your vehicle from such things and you can rest assure your vehicle is secure. Hence, it is advised that you should get a carport installed for the safety of your car or van.

If you have made a decision to install one then the first thing you need to do is decide which type you want to install. It also depends on the structure of your house, space available as well as your preferences. There are many types of carports in Sydney, here are a few of these types and their features to help you know which one of them is suitable for you. First, you have to choose the types of material to be used. It mainly depends on the area you are living in.


When it comes to the material to be used, no one can beat the strength of metal. There are different metals available in the market such as aluminium, steel, iron, Alumawood, etc. You can choose any of them as they are also strong enough to last for years. If you are living in a rainy area, it is advised to install a metal carport.


The timer is also one of the best materials to be used in a carport but when it comes to the strength, it lacks behind the metal. But in order to enhance the beauty of the place, no other material can beat timber.

Design types

Party Tent Carport:

Party tent carports are portable and can be used for different purposes. If you often travel or go on a picnic too often, then it is advised to go for this type as you can park your vehicle safely wherever you go.

Gable Roof Carport:

It is the most popular style in Australia, as it is a beautiful blend of traditional style with modern neatness. If you want a traditional carport with a bit of modern touch, you can choose this design.


If you have space near your building, you can go for the attached carport. One side of this carport is attached to the building and the other side is either set free or attached with two poles on each corner.


If you have a larger land, freestanding carport is the choice to make. They are not near the home or any building and have their own space and they look beautiful as well.