You might have seen a lot of people smoking CBD flower around. It is believed to be providing on of the most high-quality benefits of CBD. You might be wondering of giving it a try to check out whether it is the best way of utilizing CBD or not. Before getting started, here are mentioned some of the benefits and drawbacks of smoking CBD flower that you should know about.

The Ultimate Difference Between CBD and THC

Before proceeding to medical cannabis Toronto, you should first learn about how CBD is different from THC.

THC and CBD both are the most popular and the most abundant cannabinoids, both helping out people with anxiety. Having the same atomic but different molecular structure, they are somehow different from one another when it comes to the intoxication factor. CBD is considered to have no psychoactive effects and is declared intoxicating as it does not make you high, and instead gives a pleasing experience.

On contrary, any chemical having direct impact on the brain’s functioning is considered psychoactive. Even at low doses, THC is considered psychoactive and can be dangerous in high doses as well. CBD helps in improving the enjoyable effects of THC and reducing the unwanted effects such as high heartbeat and anxiety.


CBD is reported to be quite beneficial in treating epilepsy and helps in reducing the seizures. Numerous reports from US have declared that the country has approved the CBD-infused drugs in treating childhood epilepsy.

A research from 2019 states that individuals consuming around 1500 mg of CBD twice per day hardly experienced any adverse effects, which proves it is not harmful for human body. CBD is consumed heavily by people suffering from depression, anxiety, sleeping issues and body pain. According to many reports, CBD is safe to consume, even in large quantities. As it does not cause any issues even in large quantities, CBD users can experiment in CBD products without the fear of overdoing.


Smoking CBD in heavy amounts enhances the risks of respiratory issues, as excess of everything is bad. Combusting plants for extraction of CBD also forms toxins called polyaromatic hydrocarbons. These toxins also exist in cannabis smoke and tobacco. However, this doesn’t mean that smoking CBD leaves you with the same issues as with smoking cigarettes.

When consumed in excess, CBD flower results in respiratory issues such as bronchitis and other severe cases. Luckily, there has been no reported cancer case linked with smoking CBD flower, as comes with smoking regular cigarettes. According to a report from 2007, when the respiratory problems in cannabis and cigarette users were compared, it was found that using a vaporizer helps in lessening respiratory issues in normal cannabis smokers.

Along with bringing out respiratory issues due to smoke inhalation, CBD also reacts with prescription drugs. Therefore, it is recommended to check with your doctor before starting smoking CBD flower.

How Smoking CBD Feels Like?

Smoking Haven shop Toronto CBD, the experience varies in individuals depending upon the CBD intake and dosage. For example, using a high CBD-vape pen contains some THC, whereas consuming pure CBD has totally different effect.

Normally CBD doesn’t make you high and instead gives you a sense of calm and relief, that is why individuals suffering from anxiety and depression make use of it often to stay calm, composed and happy. Overconsuming CBD can cause drowsiness. Many of the individuals have also felt relief to their pain and other health issues, by using CBD in adequate amount.

CBD doesn’t make you high but helps in reducing the high effects reported with use of THC, preventing the body from absorbing THC. Many of the people even use it when they get too high, to reduce the high effects.

It is recommended to purchase CBD only from verified medical cannabis Toronto dispensary, to get your hands on the purest and quality CBD products.