Enhanced Flooring uses the finest quality of timber to provide you with one of the best floors covering. We have a vast range of all-natural layouts of Cheap Timber Flooring in Sydney with the latest glamorous touch for all sorts of residential and commercial setups.

How do we serve you?

No matter what sort of demand you have in mind, we pride ourselves for our fast and top-notch flooring services. We are fully capable of providing you with top-notch, versatile and long-lasting timber flooring options for your commercial and residential setup. With practical experience of twenty years, we can also ensure you with the seamless installation of our products.

You can also contact us even if your floor needs refurbishing or repair and maintenance. We provide you with the following fringe services:

We have exceptionally low prices you would not find anywhere else. You can even perform a price match to check how fare our rates are with regard to cheap timber flooring in Sydney. Moreover, we offer next day delivery options as we have a good amount of stock readily available.

Our Competitive Edge

We solely provide flooring services to the residents of Australia, and this allows us to furnish our customers with remarkably comprehensive customer care experience. Our timber flooring has the following unique qualities that make our products distinctive:

  • Exceptionally long-lasting and useful in busy areas with heavy foot traffic.
  • Impervious to scratches dampness and stains, hence best for premise where kids or pets are living
  • Resistant to UV light exposure, household chemicals etc., thus will not fade out easily with everyday use
  • We have a wide array of shades, styles, and textures to adjust any environment.
  • Extremely easy to take care of, you can even clean and maintain them yourself with little effort.
  • Our timber flooring can be easily applied to any surface with little expertise.
  • Our products and services are extremely affordable thus in reach of those looking for economical flooring options. Our floor covering can even be mounted over existing floorings such as Concrete, Timber and also Plastic.
  • We also provide fast and reliable delivery services across Australia.

About Us

Who We Are

Enhanced Flooring is a family built business that allows custom embellished flooring of the finest standard for any room or outdoor area, whether it is being refurbished or renovated.

You are welcome to grant us a visit at our headquarters located at 1/4 Duck Street in Auburn, New South Wales. Here you will be greeted by our hard working and passionate staff who are well vested in the flooring industry. Our enthusiastic staff will be happy to offer you advice and answer any of the questions you may have.

We believe our range of high quality flooring can magnificently transform any room or space.

Mission Statement

What We Want to Achieve

At Enhanced Flooring, we exclusively service residents of Australia, and this allows us to provide exceptionally detailed customer experiences. “Our mission is to provide as many buildings an’d houses in Sydney and Australia with our high quality flooring services as possible, allowing for long life flooring.” With 20 years of experience we aim to provide the information and services necessary so that our clients are able to be happy with and enjoy flooring that meets all their criteria and preferences. Our affordable prices and high quality products make Enhanced Flooring the best option for you.

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