These days, timber garden decking is one of the more popular garden patio surfaces. Many of the timber decking kits which are available online are straightforward to construct and can be undertaken by almost any Diyer. Once you have planned for Timber Decking in Northern Beaches area and prepared the oversite, the next step is to begin constructing the joist sub-frame. Therefore, it is always advisable to allow the timbers to acclimatize for 7 days before deck construction so that the deck boards can adjust themselves to the local environmental conditions. If possible, keep the boards as close to the installation site as possible – but be sure to keep them off the ground, and try to use a plastic sheet or tarpaulin to protect them from rainwater, if possible.

Whilst many timbers are treated with preservatives which are newly exposed by the use of saws or drills should be coated liberally with a quality decking preserver to ensure that the timbers retain their natural strength. The process of constructing a garden deck is quite straightforward. Almost any home Diyer or practically-minded individual should be able to construct a basic patio deck with just a few hand tools and a set of instructions. The process begins with the preparation of the floor space within the garden where you wish the deck to be constructed.

The first job is usually to remove unwanted plant life and weeds, plus and rocks or other obstructive elements found on or near the surface. The next step in constructing the garden deck us to lie down a weed membrane fabric to help stop plant life growing from underneath the deck once it has been completed. Use steel ground hooks to secure it. Always remember to use gloves when handling any kind of timber, and be sure to wash your hands after handling it – particularly before eating. Never burn the treated off-cut timbers, as they are likely to contain chemical preservatives. Always remember to dispose of treated timber off-cuts as refuse.

Where possible, wear eye protection when using a pressure washer on your deck, or when applying chemical cleaners or restorers to its surface. Keep young children away from the decking area until after the installation is finished and until all of your kit and tools have been stored away safely. Timber Decking in Northern Beaches usually contains complete fixing kits, which have everything you need to complete the deck build. Try to layout the decking joists in place before actually fixing them together. Similarly, layout the decking boards separately if space permits.

By allowing the timber to become surface dry, you will make the timber much, much easier to work with – whilst also minimizing the effects of timber shrinkage. Drill pilot holes wherever you need to insert decking or joist screws, a will vastly decrease the risk of timber splitting. Lastly, be sure to cover the ground area underneath your deck with a high-quality weed control membrane before you begin to build the deck. Try to ensure that cut ends, notches, etc. are all well-protected from rot using a high-quality brush-on timber end-grain preserver.